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Why Choose SQL Power DQguru over other Data Cleansing Tools?

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DQguru makes Data Cleansing easier & more affordable than with any other tool.

Ideal for cleansing any Data Warehouse or CRM database, SQL Power DQguru allows you to de-dupe and cleanse virtually any database using an intuitive, visual Match Verification interface - making it easier than ever to provide business users with a complete and accurate 360‑degree view of their data.



DQguru has an easy‑to‑understand interface.

Since Data Cleansing can be inherently complex, we've developed SQL Power DQguru to make the process as intuitive as possible - using innovative, comprehensive interfaces for defining Data Transformation steps and Visual Match Validation.

Address Correction

DQguru does address correction.

Using built-in Google Geocode lookup, SQL Power DQguru allows you to automatically validate and correct address data for use with Google Maps applications.

Works with any database

DQguru works with any database.

SQL Power DQguru can be used on virtually any database platform. So whether your customer, product or business data resides in Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any other platform, DQguru can cleanse and dedupe any of your key dimensions.

Runs on every platform

DQguru runs on every platform.

SQL Power DQguru is Java-based and runs on any environment that supports JRE 5.0 or better - so whether you're using PC, Mac, Unix, something else or all of the above, SQL Power DQguru just works.

Free to deploy

DQguru Community Edition is free to deploy.

We've built a better Data Cleansing Tool, and we believe that when you try it, you'll agree. That's why we offer Free Downloads of the SQL Power DQguru Community Edition.


Data Cleansing has never been easier... download the SQL Power DQguru today!



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