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SQL Power Wabit User Guide

SQL Power Wabit User Guide
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SQL Power Wabit User Guide

  • Full Version
  • print-friendly PDF format
  • 38 pages + appendices

The SQL Power Wabit User Guide is recommended for all SQL Power Wabit users. It includes basic concepts as well as example instructions for all SQL Power Wabit reporting and analysis functionality.


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Table of Contents

The SQL Power Wabit User Guide includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Welcome Screen
    • Opening a Workspace
    • Connecting to a Server
    • Creating a new connection
    • Search
  • The Workspace
  • Setting up a Data Source
    • Relational Data Source
    • Supported Database
    • Setting up Database Connections
    • Setting up Database Types
    • OLAP Data Source
    • Connecting to an OLAP server
    • Connecting to the integrated Mondrian server
  • Relational queries
    • The Query Pen
    • Creating a query
    • Joins
    • Constants
    • Finished Queries
    • The Result
    • Where clause
    • Grouping
    • Sorting
    • Order of columns
    • Search in results
    • The Query SQL Editor
  • OLAP queries
    • The OLAP query editor
    • Create a new OLAP query
    • Navigating OLAP Queries
    • The MDX query viewer
  • Charts
  • Images
  • Templates
  • Reports
    • Query results
    • Properties for relational queries
    • Properties for OLAP queries
    • Charts
    • Guides
  • A SQL Power Wabit Walkthrough





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