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Contact Us

SQL Power Group Inc.



Toll-Free Telephone Number:
1‑866‑SQL‑POWR (1‑866‑775‑7697)


Technical Support

SQL Power Software Support is available to all Enterprise Edition subscribers. To purchase SQL Power Enterprise annual subscriptions, please visit one of the following:

SQL Power Architect Data Modeling & Profiling Tool

SQL Power Wabit All-in-1 BI Reporting & Analysis Tool

SQL Power DQguru Data Cleansing & MDM Tool


For community assistance, please visit the SQL Power Forum.



Head Office (Toronto)
4950 Yonge Street, Suite 1900
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2N 6K1

Tel No : (416) 221-4220
Fax No : (416) 221-5898

Western Canada (Edmonton)
35 Summerland Road
Sherwood Park, AB
T8H 2P3


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