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For over 30 years, Best Of BI has been helping organizations in Canada and around the world implement successful Business Intelligence (BI) productivity tools for a fraction of the cost.

Recognizing that a quick ROI is essential to ensuring the long-term commitment to a BI Program, SQL Power is a leader in delivering creative, cost-effective solutions to our clients, thus maintaining the credibility and longevity of their BI programs.

For those organizations who lack the internal resources to implement BI tools, Best Of BI's consulting arm facilitates a quick and painless integration of SQL Power Software. Our long-term approach to doing business and our obsession with doing the right thing for our clients has blessed us with a long list of loyal customers, some of whom we've been working with continuously for over a decade.

Our creativity and expertise have allowed us to implement the right BI solution for our clients, and has provided them with a quick ROI that continues to justify future BI Investments. We look forward to working with you and helping you implement the right cost-effective BI solution for your organization.




For more information on how SQL Power can help you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions to better use your data to reduce cost, improve productivity and make better-informed business decisions, contact us today at or 1‑866‑SQL‑POWR.

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