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SQL Power Launches SQL Power Architect

Data Modeling Tool speeds up Data Warehouse Design

SQL Power Architect from SQL Power Group gives data warehouse architects & designers the ultimate tool to design Data Warehouses


Toronto, ON, January 22, 2007: SQL Power Group Inc., the authority on Data Warehousing, Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions, announced today the release of SQL Power Architect - an innovative Java-based data modeling tool geared specifically for Data Warehouse designers and architects.

Through its simple user-friendly interface, the SQL Power Architect allows the Data Warehouse designer to:

  • open multiple database connections
  • drag and drop source database objects into a data modeling "play pen"
  • design the target schema
  • forward engineer the final target schema
  • generate source to target data mappings from its open metadata repository

"Data Warehouse Architects, DBAs, Analysts and Designers need intuitive, powerful data modeling tools to facilitate their design efforts," said Sam Selim, CTO, SQL Power. "SQL Power Architect allows these highly skilled resources to perform their tasks in a fraction of the time compared with other data modeling tools currently available in the marketplace."

SQL Power Architect is built by data warehouse designers FOR data warehouse designers. It has many unique features geared specifically for data warehousing, including:

  • Connect to any JDBC/ODBC accessible source and target databases
  • Compare the database structure of any two databases highlighting the differences and generating a synchronize script
  • Save a snapshot of all source systems data structures into the project file allowing designers to work on the data model while off-line
  • Forward engineer many DBMS's including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Postgres
  • Forward engineer ETL templates containing source-to-target data mappings
  • Invoke ETL engine to load initial set of data into the target database
  • Enable easy, centralized installation and updates via Java WebStart technology

System Requirements

  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and other environments that support Java 5
  • Requires a Java 5 runtime environment

About SQL Power

Founded in 1988, SQL Power is a leading Canadian software firm specializing in data warehousing and performance management. In addition to the SQL Power Architect, the SQL Power suite of tools include SQL Power Loader - an ETL tool, SQL Power MatchMaker - a data cleansing tool, and SQL Power Dashboard - a web based performance measurement tool.


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