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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free?

A: Best Of BI Community Edition Software is licensed under General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

Description of GPL v3: www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

Frequently Asked Questions about GPL v3: www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html


Q: What happens to my projects if my Enterprise license expires?

Q: Can Community Edition Projects be used in the Enterprise Edition?

Q: Can Enterprise Edition Projects be used in the Community Edition?

A: Here's how Community/Enterprise projects are handled in SQL Power Architect and SQL Power Wabit:

  1. Architect/Wabit Projects created in the Community Edition can be migrated to Enterprise Edition.
  2. Architect/Wabit Projects created/saved in Enterprise Edition are stored in the Enterprise server database and cannot be accessed by the Community Edition.
  3. When an Architect/Wabit Enterprise license (or free trial period) expires, the Enterprise server database and any projects therein are "locked out" (they are still there, but not accessible) until a license is obtained/renewed.

For SQL Power DQguru, all Projects can be created by/accessed by either Community or Enterprise version.


Q: How do user limits work?

A: Best Of BI Software user limit restrictions are based on the number of named users, not the number of concurrent users. In other words, if you purchase a 10-user SQL Power Wabit subscription, that means you can define up to 10 named Wabit users, each with unique privileges, settings, etc.

Also note that in regards to SQL Power Wabit thin-client web access, the user limit does not restrict people from viewing Wabit Reports that are published to public domains. The user limit would apply only to the report editors (i.e. those using Wabit application to edit the reports) and not the report viewers (i.e. those using their web browser to access publicly published Wabit Reports).


Q: What's the difference between the Client Edition and the Community Edition?

A: Community Edition refers to the standalone app you can download for free; Client Edition refers to the client component that interacts with the server component of the Enterprise Edition.

Prior to June 2010, our Open Source free downloads were known as "Client" Editions. But with the introduction of our Enterprise Server components, the term "Client" is now reserved for the Client component of the Enterprise Server offering. Therefore as of June 2010, the Open Source free downloads are now more aptly named "Community" editions.

Also note that as of July 27 2010, Premium Support is no longer offered for Community Edition software. Going forward, Premium Support is only included with Enterprise subscriptions.


Q: Can I use the Free Version of your software in a training class for my students or co-workers?

A: Best Of BI Open Source Software is licensed under GPL version 3. In short, you are allowed to download, install and use our software on as many computers as you need, without having to pay any licensing fees.


Q: Why do I have to pay for a User Guide if the software is 'Free'?

We're still trying to find the best balance between "keeping the product financially viable" and "keeping the product open source and readily accessible". We have received mixed feedback on this approach, but we currently feel that keeping the "free download" option with optional user guide purchase is a good way to let people get a feel for the product at no cost.


Q: Where is the Enterprise Edition?

As of July 2012, Best Of BI Software is no longer offering new subscriptions for Enterprise versions of SQL Power DQguru or SQL Power Wabit. SQL Power Architect Enterprise is also no longer available. Current subscriptions are still being maintained and support is still available for current subscribers. Open Source Community Editions are still available for free download.


Q: Where is the SQL Power Wiki?

As of September 2012, SQL Power Software is no longer offering an online version of the User Guides.

While the SQL Power Wiki is no longer available, please note that the content of the Wiki is identical to the User Guide content - so if you have purchased a User Guide, please refer to your User Guide PDF instead of the online Wiki for Best Of BI Software documentation.




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