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Q: Where can I find the source code for Best Of BI's open-source projects?

A: The source code for all of our open source projects are hosted on Google Code. You will need to use Subversion to access the source code repositories.

Instructions for how to checkout the source code are available at each of the project's Google Code page:

SQL Power Architect:

SQL Power DQguru:

SQL Power Wabit:

But before you try to compile it, make sure you read the FAQ below.


Q: Why won't the code compile?

A: All Best Of BI Community Edition projects include valid Eclipse project configurations and Apache Ant build.xml scripts. After checking out the code for the first time, Eclipse will complain about some missing Java source files. These sources need to be generated by the Ant build using apt, the Annotation Processing Tool. Executing the default Ant target and then refreshing the Eclipse workspace should be enough to get the whole project to compile without any errors.

Note: All our products now compile and run on Java 6 or newer. If you had been developing in any of our code bases prior to July 2010, you would have been compiling against Java 5.


Q: Do you have code formatting conventions for your Java code?

A: Yes: please refer to for details.

If you submit patches that don't more-or-less adhere to these conventions, we will ask you to reformat and send in a new patch.



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