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Data Cleansing & Address Correction: SQL Power DQguru

Data Cleansing & Address Correction: SQL Power DQguru



SQL Power DQguru

Data Cleansing & MDM Tool

The SQL Power DQguru helps you cleanse your data, validate and correct addresses, identify and remove duplicates, and build cross-references between source and target tables. This provides business users with complete and accurate data, and a single 360-degree view of all business entities, such as customer, product, representative, employee, supplier or business unit.


Data Quality Tool


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  • Intuitive GUI allows for quick adoption and use by data analysts
  • Intuitive 'transform' process interface allows you to rapidly build and deploy data conversion work flows
  • Users can define their own data matching criteria
  • Duplicate verification via SQL Power's innovative interface
  • Merge duplicates and their related data
  • Can be used for initial or periodic data clean-up
  • Generates cross reference tables to link source system identifiers to target database identifiers
  • Extensive support for transformation and matching functions:
    • Concatenation
    • Double Metaphone, Metaphone, Refined Soundex, Soundex phonetic coding
    • Alphabet case conversion
    • String substitution
    • Substring and substring by word
    • Word substitution through the translation of words or groups of words
    • Merge rules for column, table and related table merges
  • Varying levels of data transformation are also supported to help manage the development and execution of data cleansing processes:
    • The Match Engine identifies duplicates, storing the results in a target table, without modifying the source data
    • The Merge Engine removes duplicate records from your source data according to the rules you have defined
    • The Cleansing Engine replaces records in your source data with reformatted data as per your rules
  • Extensive support for many databases as for source and target data
    (See System Requirements for a complete list)


Whether you're building a Data Warehouse, Data Mart or CRM, the SQL Power DQguru goes a long way towards ensuring the data integrity of your decision support environment or CRM database.


match validation

Comprehensive Match Validation Screen

Matches are described as colour-coded Match Diagrams, as well as highlighted deltas.

transformation process

Intuitive Transformation Process

The Data Conversion workflow can be manipulated easily by arranging and connecting individual process steps.


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