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Company Overview

Company Overview
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Best of BI is the leading platform in providing open source Business Intelligence (BI) productivity tools of the highest quality to value-oriented clients.

Our proven data modeling, data cleansing and BI reporting tools coupled with dedication and ingenuity have established us as the premier BI and Data Migration solutions provider in Canada and around the world.


The Best of BI Advantage

Unlike other BI software providers, we specialize in bringing you productivity tools that just work. The tools are easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use - because they have been designed from the ground up to work intuitively. Working hand-in-hand with consultants and end-users throughout the development process, SQL Power Group has designed, developed and generously donated these tools to the Best of BI platform to help you meet the needs of every facet of your BI environment - from Data Model design to Data Cleansing to Reporting to Analysis, and everywhere in between.




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