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Which Edition of SQL Power Architect do I need?

Features Community Edition Pro Edition
Coming 2016
Enterprise Edition
(Trial only)
Enterprise Edition
(Full version)
Desktop (1-user) or Server (multi-user) Desktop Desktop Server Server
Data Modeling
Data Profiling
Compare, Reverse-Engineer, Forward-Engineer Data Models
OLAP Schema Modeling
Multi-user Data Model Collaboration
Full user-level & group-level security
Support for data domains & types
Java Web Start deployment
Free Download
Open Source
Production Support Available
License Not required Required Expires 30 days after activation Required
Recommended Minimum System 1 GB RAM
2 GHz 2-core CPU


SQL Power Architect v1.0.9 Community Edition
Free Downloads & Open-Source Development



SQL Power Architect for Windows
runnable installer · Java Runtime 8 required

Download Download SQL Power Architect for Windows



SQL Power Architect for Mac
DMG disk image · OS X 10.4 or greater and Java Runtime 8 required

Download Download SQL Power Architect for Mac OS X



SQL Power Architect for Unix/Generic
launch from command line · Java Runtime 8 required

Download Download SQL Power Architect for Unix/Generic


User Documentation

User Documentation

Download Release Notes
Download User Guide

Open Source Development

Open Source Development

Download GitHub Project Page

Note regarding JDBC drivers: SQL Power Architect downloads with some JDBC drivers already built in and preconfigured. The platforms that we currently supply bundled drivers for are:

  • PostgreSQL 8.2 (works with all previous backend versions)
  • MS SQL Server 2012 (this driver also works with MS SQL Server 7/2008/2005/2000)
  • MySQL 5.0 (this driver also works with MySQL 4.1)
  • HSQLDB 1.8.0

We will attempt to bundle more drivers in future releases. The only barriers are overall downloadable file size, and legal restrictions from the vendors of the drivers.


SQL Power Architect: Older Versions

Deprecated versions of SQL Power Architect can be found here.




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