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SQL Power Architect User Guide

SQL Power Architect User Guide
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SQL Power Architect User Guide

  • Full Version
  • print-friendly PDF format
  • 103 pages + appendices

The SQL Power Architect User Guide is recommended for all SQL Power Architect users. It includes basic concepts as well as example instructions for all SQL Power Architect data modeling and data profiling functionality.


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Table of Contents

The SQL Power Architect User Guide includes:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • About Data Models
    • About Data Structure Analysis
    • Copying and Transforming Data
    • About Advanced Features
    • About System Preferences
    • Understanding the SQL Power Architect User Interface
    • About the Database Tree
    • About the Playpen
    • Using SQL Power Architect on Different Operating Systems
    • Example - Creating a Data Model
    • Setting Up Databases
    • Designing a Database
    • Forward Engineer
    • Comparing Data Models
  • Creating a relational Data Model
    • Working with Tables
    • Creating New Tables
    • Modifying Tables
    • Using ETL Mappings in Tables
    • Copying Tables from external documents
    • Working with Columns
    • Creating New Columns
    • Modifying Columns
    • Moving Columns
    • Copy Columns from external documents
    • Working with Primary Keys
    • Working with Relationships
    • About Identifying and Non-Identifying Relationships
    • Creating Relationships
    • Modifying a Relationship
    • Working with Indices
    • Creating an Index
    • Modifying an Index
    • Deleting an Index
    • Working with Data Types
    • Creating and Modifying Data Types
    • Deleting Data Types
    • Data Types in the Database Tree
    • Working with Domains
    • Creating and Modifying Domain Categories
    • Deleting Domain Categories
    • Creating and Modifying Domains
    • Deleting Domains
    • Domains in the Database Tree
    • Working with Diagram Objects in the Playpen
    • Using Undo and Redo
    • Selecting Multiple Objects in the Playpen
    • Deleting Diagram Objects in the Playpen
    • Rearranging Diagram Objects in the Playpen
    • Automatically Arranging Tables in the Playpen
    • Straightening Diagram Lines in the Playpen
    • Using the Playpen Zoom Options
    • Finding and Replacing Playpen Objects
    • Printing or Exporting a Data Model Diagram
    • Working with Data Model Validation
    • Using the Validation Manager
    • Validation Through Forward Engineering
    • Validation in the Playpen
    • Working with HTML Reports
    • Working with Project Metadata
  • Creating a multidimensional (OLAP) Data Model
    • Working with multidimensional Schemas
    • Creating a multidimensional Schema
    • Importing a multidimensional Data Model
    • Exporting a multidimensional Data Model
    • OLAP Schema Manager
    • Working with Cubes
    • Adding a Cube
    • Adding a Virtual Cube
    • Adding a Dimension to a Cube
    • Working with Measures
    • Adding a Measure
    • Adding a Calculated Member
    • Working with Dimensions, Hierarchies, Levels
    • Adding a Dimension
    • Adding a Dimension usage
    • Adding a Hierarchy
    • Adding a Level
    • Working with Roles
  • Setting up Database Support
    • Supported Database
    • Setting up Database Types
    • Adding a New Database Type
    • Defining the JDBC Driver
    • Setting up Database Connections
    • Creating a New Database Connection
    • Adding or Removing Database Connections for a Project
    • Modifying or Deleting Database Connections
  • Setting Preferences
    • Defining Project Settings
    • Setting User Preferences
  • Reverse Engineering a Data Model
  • Forward Engineering a Data Model
  • Analyzing Data Structures
    • Comparing Data Models
    • Data Model Comparison with English Descriptions
    • Data Model Comparison in SQL Script
    • Profiling Data
    • Setting the Profile Mode
    • Creating a Profile
    • Viewing Profile Details
    • Using Profile Graph View
    • Using Profile Table View
    • Deleting Profiles
    • Saving Your Profile Results in a PDF
    • Creating a Visual Mapping Report
    • Exporting Column Mappings
  • Copying and Transforming Data
    • Copying Data Across Database Platforms
    • Using Kettle Jobs
    • Before Creating a Kettle Job
    • Creating a Kettle Job
  • Revisions
    • Open a revision
    • Compare revisions
    • Revert to a revision
  • Universal SQL Access
    • Output (Results) Window
    • Output Formats
  • Troubleshooting
  • Glossary
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A: SQL Power Architect Licenses
    • Appendix B: Third Party Licenses



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